It was with great joy that we welcomed companions and friends to our New Heavens and New Earth Contemplative Workshop on July 4-7th. Companions and friends from over 22 states and 5 countries, including Canada, Nigeria and Mexico, gathered at Bellwether for a deeper experience of contemplative prayer and fellowship in the Holy Spirit.


Talks and personal testimonies included: 

Abba Father: Contemplative Union
Lamb of God: Contemplative Intercession
Holy Spirit: Contemplative Deliverance
Mother of God: Contemplative Believing
Trinitarian Contemplative Evangelization


Small group discussions brought the participants together to share their own experiences in the Lord and to be built up into a “community of believers,” (Acts 4:32) living the new commandment of Love (Jn 13:34). During the Workshop, a personal tribute was also given to our Mother Foundress and her special and joyful intercession was experienced by all!

At this time, we continue to move forward with the call to live out this powerful charism of contemplative, communal, intercessory and spiritual warfare prayer. We are holding fast to “the hope that belongs to His call” (Eph. 1:18) as we intercede for all to experience the “New Heavens and a New Earth in which righteousness dwells” (2 Pt 3:13).

New Heavens, New Earth

Our Lady of Light, Beacon on a hill

The New Jerusalem, place of God’s Perfect Will.

The Bethlehem star hovers at night

Heaven’s reminder of Jesus, the Light,

Born in our hearts, Salvation and King

Born in our hearts, rejoice, let us sing!

Here Mt. Zion, the Glorified Church

Here the new Heavens, here the new earth!

“Be it done unto me according to Your Word”

Mary’s fiat again in our hearts can be heard.

“No greater Love than to lay down your life”

At Bellwether, we know, each soul’s worth the price!

The Father announces “It has begun”

Each “yes” we give, births Jesus, His Son!

His Kingdom on earth is now proclaimed

It is Love made visible, the Lamb Who was slain!